Action Guidelines

Are you ready to change your lifestyle?
The Climate change is reversible
This is where it starts:
Learn as much as possible about climate change and your personal carbon footprint!
Translate your knowledge into action in order to:
Reduce your personal CO2 emissions.
You can reduce your CO2 emissions to zero:
Buy energy efficient appliances.
Buy energy efficient light bulbs.
Upgrade your thermostat and timer to save energy used for heating and cooling.
Make your house waterproof and improve the insulation.
Save electricity.
Don’t leave electronic devices in standby.
Change to a renewable energy provider.
Change to green electricity.
If you haven’t done this, ask yourself, ’Why not? ’ Seize the initiative for renewable energy.
Fight for it that the USA agrees to CO2 emission levels.
Participate in national and international initiatives
against global warming.
Take the initiative for clean drinking water.
Reduce your water consumption
with specially designed shower heads.
Install flow reducers in your taps.
Reduce the water used to flush your toilet
from 15 litres to one litre.
Recycle everything that you can.
Separate your garbage into plastic, paper, metal and compost for recycling.
Take old batteries and electrical appliances to a recycling station.
Do not put old medicines or chemicals down the toilet.
Take them to an appropriate waste disposal station.
If this is not possible, take it up with your local council.
If you have a garden, make compost.
Reduce your food waste by only buying,
what you will actually eat.
If you have good food left over,
give it to someone who needs it.
Gather seeds from fruits, and plant them.
Support farming methods,
that are appropriate to the species.
Support non-genetically modified foods.
Support small fisheries.
Buy Fair Trade foods whenever possible.
Use biologically degradable washing and cleaning agents.
Donate your old clothes for reuse.
Walk or cylce when possible.
Use public transport.
Buy a hybrid car.
Encourage the use of low-emission cars.
If you have a powered boat,
reduce its emissions.
If possible, change to a hybrid car.
Plant trees, lots of trees.
If you have an office,
use recycled paper.
Help injured animals.
Wherever possible,
do not let others injure or mistreat animals.
See that stray cats and dogs in your neighbourhood
get something to eat.
Help to keep parks, beaches and woodlands
free of plastic.
If you believe in prayer,
pray that people find the will to change.
In the words of an old African proverb,
‘When you pray, move your feet‘.
Encourage everyone you know.
Try to be a good example.
Please support us in our campaigns!
Thank you!