Hayat Life Orman
Children Planting for The Future


The ARTEMIS association from Bodrum / Turkey is planning from September 2015 until May 2016, an ecological, environmentally educational, social and artistic permaculture project with 36 Turkish and 12 German children and youths, more than half of which will be female aged 11 to 17 years, in south-west Turkey / Bodrum.
Our pilot project, HAYAT LIFE FOREST – Children Planting for The Future, has the main aim, together with the participants, of planting and developing a 6 ha biosphere reserve with woodland and heathland and the construction of a dynamic vegetable garden according to the Demeter guidelines.
Our concept is to plant a mixed woodland of 10,000 trees, including the replenishment of endangered species, the protection and preservation of wild plants and animals, in conjunction with environmental education.
Theoretical and practical knowledge will be imparted by means of excursions into nature and workshops to include wilderness studies, biodynamic agriculture, renewable energy, CO2 reduction and practical work on the biosphere reserve. The Installation of a small solar energy plant will be an example to demonstrate autonomous electric power production.

Through this newly-acquired consciousness and via the application of the Feldenkrais Method, we want to restore an inner connection to the natural surroundings; with plants, animals, and to experience anew the natural elements. The meaning of genetic diversity, ecological agriculture and global climate protection will thereby become adopted as a profound responsibility.
Through targeted artistic street events, the participants will demonstrate and explain their new found knowledge to the local residents, to encourage further participation and support.
To celebrate the success of the project, there will be an open festival with a live and theatrical account of the newly-create nature park, HAYAT LIFE FOREST.
This will be further supported by a one-hour documentary and a booklet.